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Short Introduction Of My Father Sufi Saint Hazrat Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi

His Holiness Shah Sahib (Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi) belongs to Dhok (village) Gohar Shah, of Tehsil Gujarkhan, District Rawalpindi. Shah Sahib is the fifth generation descendant of Syed Gohar Ali Shah, whose family was further linked to the Mughals’ family later on. As Gohar Ali Shah was a Sadat Bukhari and had been living in Srinagar Kashmir. Once, some scoundrels kidnapped a Muslim girl. His Holiness took to his sword and executed seven scoundrels thus paving their ways into hellfire. The English Government intended to arrest His Holiness, but His Holiness left motherland (Srinagar) and moved to Rawalpindi where His Holiness spent some time in an area known as Nala Lei. When His Holiness felt unfavorable condition, then His Holiness went to a jungle of Tehsil Gujarkhan, where His Holiness started to perform the mystic exercises and worship.

Several years later, His Holiness’ Spiritual Benevolence (Fays) became apparent. The area of the jungle that was owned by Gujar family, they then devoted it to His Holiness which is known as the Dhok (village) of Gohar Shah now. His Holiness married into Kashmirian Mughal family and had sons & daughters. It is for the reason, Shah Sahib’s (RIAZ AHMAD GOHAR SHAHI) mother is the descendant of Syed Gohar Ali Shah’s paternal grandson and his father is the descendant of Baba Sahib’s maternal grandson. And Hiss Holiness’ grandfather belonged to a Mughal family. Baba Sahib, for some unhappiness spent the last episode of his life as a hermit in Bakra Mandi, Rawalpindi, which then became Gohar Ali Shah Sahib’s resting place where the shrine (of His Holiness) has been constructed. It is narrated that Gohar Ali Shah Sahib’s spiritual gown, staff and other belongings were buried there (in Bakra Mandi) and His Holiness’ holy body was brought into the native village of Gohar Shah. It is for the very fact, there is also a shrine. As Baba Sahib spent most of his time in performing the mystic exercises and divine worship there (in Bakra Mandi), hence, much of his Spiritual Benevolence (Fayz) is be found there, whereas the spiritual benevolence also pours abundantly from the Shrine of his native village Gohar Shah.

His Holiness Syed Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi was the owner of F.Q. Steel Industries (Reg.) Rawalpindi, where gas and electrical equipment’s were manufactured. Merely, at the age of twenty, His Holiness started to search for spiritualism among st the saints and dervishes. But heart could not be satisfied by anyone. Eventually, upon becoming disillusioned with the saints and dervishes, and being disappointed from tombs, he got himself absorbed in worldly affairs. Shah Sahib and (then) married. His Holiness had three children after marriage.

At the age of about thirty four years, Hazrat Sarkar Bari Imam R.A appeared before Shah Sahib and said: “Son! Your time has come. Go to the shrine of Sakhi Sultan Bahoo Sahib R.A for the inner (sacred dimensions of) spiritual knowledge.” Shah Sahib then left his work, family and parents and came to Shorkot, where under the blissful supervision of Sakhi Sultan Bahoo Sahib R.A, the “Noo´r-ul-Huda” (a book written by Sultan Bahoo Sahib R.A) became his destiny’s companion.

His Holiness then went to Sehwan Sharif for self satisfaction and for the state of rest of heart. His Holiness performed the self satisfaction for a period of three years in the mountains of Sehwan Sharif and the forest of Laal Baag. Thereafter, pursuit to a revelation, Shah Sahib spent six months in a hut behind the Jamshoro Textbook Board Building, eventually, with Allah SWT’s will, the Allah SWT’s creation started to be blessed upon with the benevolence through His Holiness Shah Sahib. As his seekers increased in number, then His Holiness moved to Latifabad, Breily Colony and started to spread his spiritual benevolence and guidance. It is a common phenomenon of Shah Sahib’s religious chain; to cause the happening of vibration of Qal΄oob through the remembrance of Allah SWT, to teach the methods of engaging Lata-èf (spiritual bodies) in remembrance, i.e. Qal΄bi, Ru΄hi, Siŕi etc., taking the seekers of path through the stages of Kashf-Al-Qaboor (revelation of the grave) and Kashf-Al-Hazoor (revelation of the person), to bring back to normal life of those who have fallen into resurrection, divine intoxication or absorbed through reciting the incantation, healing those people who have been affected by magic wrought those haunted by infernal through evil spirits and treating those who are suffering in the hands of Demons. Be Praise to Allah SWT that thousands of men and women have blessed with the spiritual benevolence emanating from Shah Sahib’s teachings, for example many have arrived at the stages of Kash´f-Al-Qaboor (revelation of the graves) and Kashf-Al-Hazoor (revelation of the person) in addition to (the stage of) Zik´r-e-Sultani. (Furthermore), several savants are progressing through the stages of revelation and Qal΄b with the strength of Shah Sahib’s esoteric glance. On many occasions, it has been witnessed that when Shah Sahib gave Zik´r to a person, the recipient’s heart immediately revived with the remembrance of Allah SWT’s name. Many witnessed the word “Allah” (written) on their hearts. Many have been blessed with the Ghosia Court (the Holy Court of Ghaus Al Azam, Hazrat Sheikh Abd-Al-Qadir Jilani R.A). And some were fortunate enough to witness the Holy Court of Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wa-Al-e Hee Wasallam.It is for these reasons that the youth are embarking upon this path and in order to maintain Shah Sahib’s spiritual teachings and to propagate the same Anjuman-e Sarfroshan-e Islam Pakistan was established.

Haji Fazal Hussain (R)

My Grand Father

Haji Fazal Hussain Is Father of Sufi Saint Hazrat Syedna Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi and Grand Father of Us. His Shrine located in our village Dhok Gohar Shah, Gujarkhan, Rawalpindi Punjab.

My Brother's

(Son's of Gohar Shahi)

Gayas udeen Babar

He is Eldest son of Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi and currently lives in Gujar khan, Rawalpindi Punjab Pakistan.

Talat Mehmood

He is second son of Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi and currently lives in Kotri, Jamshoro Sindh Pakistan.

Gufran Riaz

He is third son of Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi and currently lives in Kotri, Jamshoro Sindh Pakistan.

Hammad Riaz

I am fourth son of Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi and currently lives in Kotri, Jamshoro Sindh Pakistan.

Haji Muddasir Riaz

He is the youngest son of Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi and currently lives in Bradford, UK.


So called younus and his organization Mehdi Foundation International is involved in anti-Islamic and anti-state activities.

When Gohar Shahi passed on 27th November 2001, Younus takeover the web site of Gohar Shahi ( and started anti-Islam and anti-country ideas on the website. When Gohar Shahi’s wife was informed about this situation, she immediately dislodged Younus from Anjuman Sarfroshan-e-Islam (R) on 31 December 2001 via local newspaper, and said that after today we have no connection with so called beliefs of Younus and from any of its actions. Any letter or document from family of Gohar Shahi will be presented or published will have a valid name, address and seal.

There are misconceptions about our family members, that’s why we are launching this website to clarify misconceptions, from past few years younus who call himself son of Gohar Shahi and spreading anti state and anti-Islamic thoughts worldwide via social media. Because he is taking Gohar Shahi’s name, people may think that what he delivering is based on Gohar Shahi’s teaching and thought. And the truth is that his so called teachings are un-Islamic and also anti state of Pakistan.

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